Fight Your Body’s Out-of-Control 5-LOX Enzyme and Feel Better Than You Have in Years!

Science confirms: blocking excess 5-LOX at the cellular level is key to maintaining good health—especially if you’re nearing or over age 45.

New scientific discoveries have led to development of a natural supplement that could help you get healthy and stay healthy—even in old age—by blocking the dangerous 5-LOX enzyme from doing its damage.

William Gruss, MD, says…

“The supplement I recommend to keep 5-LOX in check is called Isoprex. It is designed to protect and support all of the organs, tissues, and cells that 5-LOX attacks, preventing it from doing its damage, and making you feel healthier than you have in years.

The supplement contains 12 natural, plant-based ingredients that work harmoniously to prevent 5-LOX from triggering its negative effects.”

  • If my patients are looking for comfort for their back, hip, knee, wrist or other joint, I tell them that Isoprex could give relief.
  • When a patient wants to maintain a healthy heart, memory, or digestive system, Isoprex is often my first recommendation.

Isoprex is the most complete full body support supplement available!

3 “Doctor” Secrets to Making Isoprex Work Even Better….

As a doctor, I know you have to take natural products correctly to get the best results. Here are my secrets to the most effective results with Isoprex

  1. Have accurate expectations. Many people have been told that natural remedies don’t work. Not true. Let me tell you ISOPREX WORKS.
  2. Take the right amount for your “Responder Type.” Not everyone responds to supplements the same way. If you are a Medium or Slow Responder, take 2 caplets 3 times daily for one to three months, then take a maintenance dose of 1 caplet twice a day. I suggest you order the 6-month supply to save money and have enough on hand.
  3. Keep taking it – even when you travel. Don’t let up even for one week. Order the 6-month supply to save money or sign up for my bargain Auto-Ship offer so you don’t run out and have to start all over again.